Waterproofing Membranes

Flexible Sealer

One-pack, waterproofing membrane applied prior to tiling bathrooms & balconies or left exposed on roofs & balconies.


Two coats give a final coverage
of 2L/m² (dry film thickness 1.5mm).

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Water-based, polyurethane waterproofing membrane.


Floors – Apply two wet coats 0.8mm (800μm) to the floor and 100mm up the surrounding walls to obtain a 1mm (1000μm) dry film thickness.

A 15 litre pail covers 10m².

Walls – Apply two wet coats 0.5mm (500μm) to obtain a 0.6mm (600μm) dry film thickness.
A 15 litre pail covers 15m².


Liquid Flash 2

Two-pack, fast-drying, microfibre reinforced, waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane.


20L/20kg pack covers 14-18m² (2 coats), dry film thickness 1.5mm.

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Shower Waterproofing Kit

An easily applied waterproofing system prior to tiling.

A waterproofing kit for enclosed shower alcoves. Suitable for use on concrete and compressed cement sheet flooring and walls constructed of brick, block, render, cement sheeting and waterproof gypsum building board.


  • 4L Liquid Flash 1
  • 1L Primebond
  • Bond Breaker Tape
  • 140mm Reomat
  • Brush
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